Instance Method


Prompts the user to save the specified profile as the preferred profile for the current user.


- (void)shouldStorePreferenceForCurrentUserToProfile:(TVAppProfileDescriptor *)profile completion:(void (^)(BOOL shouldCreateMapping))completion;



The profile to associate with the current user.


The completion handler to call with the results. This handler has no return value and takes the following parameter:


A Boolean value indicating whether your app should associate the specified profile with the current user. If this parameter is YES, save the association in your app's data structures.


Use this method to confirm that the profile chosen by the user should become their new preferred profile. The method prompts the user to confirm the profile change and calls the completion handler with the results. Call this method only once for each user.

See Also

Presenting Account-Related Dialogs

- presentProfilePreferencePanelWithCurrentSettings:availableProfiles:completion:

Presents a user-to-profile configuration panel, which lets the user specify their preferred profile.