Instance Property


An array of system user identifiers that you associated with the current app-specific profile.


var userIdentifiersForCurrentProfile: [TVUserIdentifier] { get set }


If your app remembers which app-specific profile each Apple TV user prefers, use this property to provide that information to the system. Fill this property with zero or more user identifiers that you previously retrieved from the currentUserIdentifier property. Doing so creates a mapping between your app profiles and the Apple TV accounts that prefer them. The system uses the information in this property to provide better information in user dialogs and does not change the property's value.

Update this property whenever the user selects a different app profile. The system does not change the value in this property, so it contains the last value that you assigned to it since app launch. However, the property supports key-value observing if you want to track the changes that you make from other parts of your app.