Show common user interface elements from Apple TV in your native app.


Lockup Views

class TVLockupView

A focusable view that presents main content, like a movie poster, and an optional header and footer.

class TVCardView

A view that responds to focus interaction with a motion effect that's applied to all of its subviews.

class TVPosterView

A view that's optimized to display an image, a header, and a footer.

class TVMonogramView

A specialized lockup view that contains a circular image of a person or the person's initials, along with a footer view.

class TVCaptionButtonView

A button-like view that responds to user interactions.

Header and Footer View

class TVLockupHeaderFooterView

A view that contains header and footer information.

State Changes

protocol TVLockupViewComponent

The protocol for responding to lockup view state changes.

Input View

class TVDigitEntryViewController

A view controller that enables the user to enter digits, like a passcode, in your app.