A view that responds to focus interaction with a motion effect that's applied to all of its subviews.


class TVCardView : TVLockupView


A TVCardView object is a specialized version of TVLockupView that presents an arbitrarily composed view hierarchy in a floating content view. You add custom subviews to the contentView property, and the subviews act as a single unit in regard to selection and motion effects. You typically use a TVCardView to display ratings and reviews for a media item. The following figure shows a rating card that consists of two label views (the rating and related information) and an image view (the stars).

A darkened screen with a highlighted box in the upper left corner containing the rating for a media item.


Setting the Background Color

var cardBackgroundColor: UIColor?

The background color of the content view.

See Also

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class TVLockupView

A focusable view that presents main content, like a movie poster, and an optional header and footer.

class TVPosterView

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