A full-screen cell used in full-screen display format.


class TVCollectionViewFullScreenCell : UICollectionViewCell


Use TVCollectionViewFullScreenCell to populate the full-screen collection view with content.


Modifying Cell Appearance

var contentBleed: UIEdgeInsets

The amount of content that overlaps into the masked portions of the cell.

var cornerRadius: CGFloat

The radius to use when drawing rounded corners for the cell.

var maskAmount: CGFloat

The factor that determines the amount of masking applied on the cell.

Accessing Cell Views

var maskedContentView: UIView

The content view in focus.

var maskedBackgroundView: UIView

The background view that performs the parallax effect.

Accessing Cell Position

var normalizedPosition: CGFloat

The value that determines the current cell's relative position on the screen.

Managing Cell Position

func normalizedPositionDidChange()

Notifies the cell when its normalized position changes.

func normalizedPositionWillChange(CGFloat)

Notifies the cell when its normalized position is about to change.

Managing Cell Mask

func maskAmountDidChange()

Notifies the cell when its mask amount changes.

func maskAmountWillChange(CGFloat)

Notifies the cell when its mask amount is about to change.

Managing the Parallax Effect

var parallaxOffset: CGFloat

The number of pixels by which to shift the background from the center when moving focus.

See Also

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FullScreenLayout is a great new way to build and deliver and immersive content for tvOS apps.

class TVCollectionViewFullScreenLayout

A collection view layout that organizes items into a browsable, full-screen display format.

protocol TVCollectionViewDelegateFullScreenLayout

Methods that send notifications of events during cell transitions.

class TVCollectionViewFullScreenLayoutAttributes

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