A collection view layout that organizes items into a browsable, full-screen display format.


class TVCollectionViewFullScreenLayout : UICollectionViewLayout


Use this class to create a full-screen browsing experience. Full-screen layouts are an immersive way to present and navigate through content.

A diagram showing the TVCollectionViewFullScreenLayout. One cell is centered, and two cells are peeking from the left and right sides.


Managing a Collection View's Appearance

var interitemSpacing: CGFloat

The spacing between each cell in a collection view.

Accessing Collection View Items

var centerIndexPath: IndexPath?

The index path of the currently centered item.

Configuring Cell Masks

var maskAmount: CGFloat

The amount by which to mask the cells in a collection view.

var maskInset: UIEdgeInsets

The edge insets of the cell mask.

Managing Cell Appearance

var cornerRadius: CGFloat

The radius to use when drawing rounded corners for the cell.

Managing Transitions

var parallaxFactor: CGFloat

A value that specifies how slowly the background should move relative to the foreground.

var isTransitioningToCenterIndexPath: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the cell is changing index paths.


Conforms To

See Also

Collection View

Creating Immersive Experiences Using a Fullscreen Layout

FullScreenLayout is a great new way to build and deliver and immersive content for tvOS apps.

protocol TVCollectionViewDelegateFullScreenLayout

Methods that send notifications of events during cell transitions.

class TVCollectionViewFullScreenCell

A full-screen cell used in full-screen display format.

class TVCollectionViewFullScreenLayoutAttributes

Attributes to manage the appearance of the collection view's layout.


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