A view controller that enables the user to enter digits, like a passcode, in your app.


class TVDigitEntryViewController : UIViewController


Use the TVDigitEntryViewController class to manage a digit entry view. The digit entry view is automatically presented by the view controller and consists of boxes that display digits and a digit keyboard.

A fullscreen image with five grey boxes in the middle of the screen and a row of numbers from 1 to 0 below the boxes.


Configuring the Digit Entry View

var numberOfDigits: Int

The number of required digits.

var titleText: String?

The title of the digit entry view.

var promptText: String?

A prompt that displays any additional required information.

var isSecureDigitEntry: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether an entered digit is immediately obscured.

Entering Information

var entryCompletionHandler: (String) -> Void

A completion handler that cues the app that the user has entered the required number of digits for the digit entry view.

func clearEntry(animated: Bool)

Removes all digits from the digit entry view.