A focusable view that presents main content, like a movie poster, and an optional header and footer.


class TVLockupView : UIControl


A TVLockupView object consists of three views that operate as a single view. The content view typically contains a media item image, like a movie poster, with additional information contained in the header and footer views. The TVLockupView object expands when it comes into focus. It uses focusSizeIncrease and contentSize to calculate the size increase. Provide sufficient focusSizeIncrease values so that your custom content does not overlap other objects when the content comes into focus.

The following figure shows a TVLockupView object that is in focus. The yellow, vertical lines indicate the space between views. The center view is in focus and has increased in size, expanding into the space between views. Views do not move as other views come into focus.

Five TV lockup views in a row, separated by yellow, vertical lines, indicating the space between views. The center view is larger than the other views and covers part of the yellow areas next to it.


Setting View Size

var contentSize: CGSize

The size of the content view.

var contentViewInsets: NSDirectionalEdgeInsets

The spacing between the content view and its sibling and parent views.

var focusSizeIncrease: NSDirectionalEdgeInsets

The inset or outset values specifying your content's size increase when in focus.

Adding Subviews

var contentView: UIView

The main view for the lockup.

var headerView: TVLockupHeaderFooterView?

A view containing header information.

var footerView: TVLockupHeaderFooterView?

A view containing footer information.

See Also

Lockup Views

class TVCardView

A view that responds to focus interaction with a motion effect that's applied to all of its subviews.

class TVPosterView

A view that's optimized to display an image, a header, and a footer.

class TVMonogramView

A specialized lockup view that contains a circular image of a person or the person's initials, along with a footer view.

class TVCaptionButtonView

A button-like view that responds to user interactions.