A view that's optimized to display an image, a header, and a footer.


class TVPosterView : TVLockupView


The TVPosterView object is a specialized TVLockupView used to display media items. The size of the poster view expands when it comes into focus.

A darkened image with a highlighted box in the bottom-left corner that shows a media item image and title.


Creating a Poster View

init(image: UIImage?)

Creates a new poster view using the supplied image.

Configuring a Poster View

var image: UIImage?

The image for the poster view.

var imageView: UIImageView

The image view associated with the poster view.

var title: String?

The title for the poster view.

var subtitle: String?

The subtitle for the poster view.

See Also

Lockup Views

class TVLockupView

A focusable view that presents main content, like a movie poster, and an optional header and footer.

class TVCardView

A view that responds to focus interaction with a motion effect that's applied to all of its subviews.

class TVMonogramView

A specialized lockup view that contains a circular image of a person or the person's initials, along with a footer view.

class TVCaptionButtonView

A button-like view that responds to user interactions.