Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the specified video can be saved to user’s Camera Roll album.


BOOL UIVideoAtPathIsCompatibleWithSavedPhotosAlbum(NSString *videoPath);



The filesystem path to the movie file you want to save.

Return Value

YES if the video can be saved to the Camera Roll album or NO if it cannot.


Not all devices are able to play video files placed in the user’s Camera Roll album. Before attempting to save a video, call this function and check its return value to ensure that saving the video is supported for the current device. For a code example, refer to Camera Programming Topics for iOS.

When used on an iOS device without a camera, this method indicates whether the specified movie can be saved to the Saved Photos album rather than to the Camera Roll album.

See Also

Photo Album


Adds the specified image to the user’s Camera Roll album.


Adds the movie at the specified path to the user’s Camera Roll album.