Returns the current graphics context.


func UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() -> CGContext?

Return Value

The current graphics context.


The current graphics context is nil by default. Prior to calling its drawRect: method, view objects push a valid context onto the stack, making it current. If you are not using a UIView object to do your drawing, however, you must push a valid context onto the stack manually using the UIGraphicsPushContext(_:) function.

This function may be called from any thread of your app.

See Also

Drawing Context Primitives

func UIGraphicsPushContext(CGContext)

Makes the specified graphics context the current context.

func UIGraphicsPopContext()

Removes the current graphics context from the top of the stack, restoring the previous context.

func UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions(CGSize, Bool, CGFloat)

Creates a bitmap-based graphics context with the specified options.

func UIRectClip(CGRect)

Modifies the current clipping path by intersecting it with the specified rectangle.