Animation and Haptics

Provide feedback to users using view-based animations and haptics.


Content Animations

Property-Based Animations

Create animations by changing the properties of a view.

View Controller Transitions

Define custom transitions from one view controller to another.

Physics-Based Animations

UIKit Dynamics

Apply physics-based animations to your views.

Parallax Effects

Motion Effects

Add subtle motion to views to provide a 3D appearance.

Haptic Feedback

Provide haptic feedback in response to specific types of events.

class UIFeedbackGenerator

The abstract superclass for all feedback generators.

class UIImpactFeedbackGenerator

A concrete UIFeedbackGenerator subclass that creates haptics to simulate physical impacts.

class UINotificationFeedbackGenerator

A concrete UIFeedbackGenerator subclass that creates haptics to communicate successes, failures, and warnings.

class UISelectionFeedbackGenerator

A concrete UIFeedbackGenerator subclass that creates haptics to indicate a change in selection.

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System View Controllers

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