Optimizing Memory Performance

Measure the impact of the 64-bit runtime on your app's memory usage.


The 64-bit runtime increases the size of pointers and some scalar data, resulting in a larger memory footprint for your app. The result is increased pressure on processor caches and virtual memory, which can adversely affect performance. When developing a 64-bit app, it's critical to profile and optimize your app's memory usage.

Test and Profile Your App

Start by creating standard tests to run against the 64-bit version of your app. With these tests, you can measure the penalty for compiling a 64-bit version of your app when compared with the 32-bit version. You can also measure improvements as you optimize your app's memory usage.

For at least one test, use a minimal footprint — for example, one in which the app has just been opened and shows an empty document. For other tests, use a variety of data sizes, including at least one test with a very large data set. A complex app may require multiple sets of test data, each covering a subset of the app's features.

The goal of these tests is to measure whether memory usage varies as the type or amount of data changes. If a particular kind of data causes the 64-bit version of your app to use dramatically more memory than the original 32-bit version, that's a likely place to find opportunities for improvements.

Use the Correct Function to Get the Virtual Memory Page Size

Most apps don't need to know the size of a virtual memory page, but some use it for buffer allocations and framework calls. The page size may vary between devices, so always use the getpagesize() function to get the size of the page.

Ensure that Your Code Is Position Independent

The 64-bit runtime environment supports only position-independent executables (PIE). By default, most apps are position independent. If some factor, such as a statically linked library or assembly code, is preventing your app from building as a PIE, you need to update your code when porting your app to the 64-bit runtime.

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