Focus-based Navigation

Navigate the interface of your UIKit app using a remote or a game controller.


Focus Interactions

About Focus Interactions for Apple TV

Design and implement intuitive control schemes for menus and interactive user interface layouts.

Adding User-Focusable Elements to a tvOS App

Create intuitive and easily manipulated user-interactive controls for your tvOS app.


A set of methods that define the focus behavior for a branch of the view hierarchy.


Queries and reevaluates the currently focused item.


An object that provides information relevant to a specific focus update from one view to another.


An object that can become focused.


Provides movement hint information for the focused item.


The container responsible for providing geometric context to focus items within a given focus environment.


A type of focus item container that supports automatic scrolling of focusable content.

Focus Guides

Creating Custom Navigation Interactions

Build nonstandard navigation interactions that move focus to the desired location.


An object that exposes nonview areas as focusable.

Debugging Support

Debugging Focus Issues in Your App

Find errors and determine why the next focused item isn't what you expected.


A runtime object for debugging focus-related interactions.



A coordinator of focus-related animations during a focus update.

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