Focus Interactions

Navigate the interface of your UIKit app using a remote or game controller.


Focus Interactions

Adding User-Focusable Elements to a tvOS App

Create intuitive and easily manipulated user-interactive controls for your tvOS app.

protocol UIFocusEnvironment

A set of methods that define the focus behavior for a branch of the view hierarchy.

class UIFocusSystem

The current state of the user interface's focus system.

class UIFocusUpdateContext

An object that provides information relevant to a specific focus update from one view to another.

protocol UIFocusItem

A protocol—not intended for conformance by third-party classes—that lets an item declare its ability to participate in the focus system.

Focus Guides

class UIFocusGuide

An object that exposes nonview areas as focusable.

Debugging Support

class UIFocusDebugger

A runtime object for debugging focus-related interactions.


class UIFocusAnimationCoordinator

A coordinator of focus-related animations during a focus update.

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