Keyboards and Input

Configure the system keyboard, or create your own keyboards and handle input yourself.



protocol UITextInputTraits

A collection of methods that defines features associated with keyboard input to a text object.

class UITextInputAssistantItem

An object that manages bar button items displayed in the shortcuts bar above the keyboard on iPad.


protocol UITextInput

A set of methods you implement to interact with the text input system and enable features such as autocorrection and multistage text input in documents.

protocol UITextInputDelegate

An intermediary between a document and the text input system.

protocol UITextInputTokenizer

A tokenizer, which is an object that allows the text input system to evaluate text units of different granularities.

class UITextInputMode

The current text-input mode.

class UITextInputStringTokenizer

A base implementation of the UITextInputTokenizer protocol.

class UIDictationPhrase

An object that represents the textual interpretation of a spoken phrase as dictated by a user.

Custom Keyboards

class UIInputViewController

The primary view controller for a custom keyboard app extension.

class UILexicon

A read-only array of term pairs, each in a lexicon entry object, for use by a custom keyboard.

class UILexiconEntry

A read-only term pair, available within a lexicon object, for use by a custom keyboard.

protocol UITextDocumentProxy

An object that provides textual context to a custom keyboard.

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