Keyboards and Input

Configure the system keyboard, create your own keyboards to handle input, or detect key presses on a physical keyboard.



protocol UITextInputTraits

A collection of methods that defines features associated with keyboard input to a text object.

class UITextInputAssistantItem

An object that manages bar button items displayed in the shortcuts bar above the keyboard on iPad.

Text Interactions

class UITextInteraction

An interaction that provides text selection gestures and UI to custom text views.

protocol UITextInteractionDelegate

An interface that an object implements to keep informed of text interaction events.

enum UITextInteractionMode

Modes that determine the selection behaviors that a text interaction provides.


protocol UITextInput

A set of methods you implement to interact with the text input system and enable features such as autocorrection and multistage text input in documents.

protocol UITextInputDelegate

An intermediary between a document and the text input system.

protocol UITextInputTokenizer

A tokenizer, which is an object that allows the text input system to evaluate text units of different granularities.

protocol UIKeyInput

A set of methods a subclass of UIResponder uses to implement simple text entry.

class UITextInputMode

The current text-input mode.

class UITextInputStringTokenizer

A base implementation of the UITextInputTokenizer protocol.

class UIDictationPhrase

An object that represents the textual interpretation of a spoken phrase as dictated by a user.

class UIInputView

An object that displays and manages custom input for a view when that view becomes the first responder.

Custom Keyboards

class UIInputViewController

The primary view controller for a custom keyboard app extension.

class UILexicon

A read-only array of term pairs, each in a lexicon entry object, for use by a custom keyboard.

class UILexiconEntry

A read-only term pair, available within a lexicon object, for use by a custom keyboard.

protocol UITextDocumentProxy

An object that provides textual context to a custom keyboard.

Physical Keyboards

Handling Key Presses Made on a Physical Keyboard

Detect when the user presses and releases keys on a physical keyboard.

class UIKey

An object that provides information about the state of a keyboard key.

enum UIKeyboardHIDUsage

A set of HID usage codes that identify the keys of a USB keyboard.

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