Menus and Shortcuts

Simplify interactions with your app using menu systems, contextual menus, Home screen quick actions, and keyboard shortcuts.


Inline Edit Menus


The menu interface for the Cut, Copy, Paste, Select, Select All, and Delete commands.


A custom item in the editing menu managed by the menu controller.


A set of standard methods that apps can adopt to support editing.

App Menus


A container for grouping related menu elements in an app menu or contextual menu.


An interface for adding and removing menus from a menu system.


An object representing a main or contextual menu system.

Contextual Menus


An interaction object that you use to display relevant actions for your content.


The methods for providing the set of actions to perform on your content, and for customizing the preview of that content.


An object describing the view to use during preview-related animations.


An object that specifies the container view to use for animations.


Additional parameters to use when animating a preview interface.

Menu Elements and Keyboard Shortcuts

Adding Menus and Shortcuts to the Menu Bar and User Interface

Provide quick access to useful actions by adding menus and keyboard shortcuts to your Mac Catalyst app.


An object representing a menu, action, or command.


A menu element that performs its action in a block.


A menu element that performs its action in a selector.


An object that specifies a key press performed on a hardware keyboard and the resulting action.


Attributes that determine the style of the menu element.


Constants that indicate the state of an action- or command-based menu element.

Home Screen Quick Actions

Add Home Screen Quick Actions

Expose commonly used functionality with static or dynamic 3D Touch Home screen quick actions.


An application shortcut item, also called a Home screen dynamic quick action, that specifies a user-initiated action for your app.


An image you can optionally associate with a Home screen quick action to improve its appearance and usability.


An item that specifies a configurable user-initiated action for your app (the item is also called a mutable Home screen dynamic quick action).

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