Edge insets that take language direction into account.


struct NSDirectionalEdgeInsets


Creating Directional Edge Insets


Initializes the edge inset struct to default values.

Getting the Edge Values

var bottom: CGFloat

The bottom edge inset value.

var leading: CGFloat

The leading edge inset value.

var top: CGFloat

The top edge inset value.

var trailing: CGFloat

The trailing edge inset value.

Converting To and From a String

class func string(for: NSDirectionalEdgeInsets) -> String

Returns a string formatted to contain the data from a directional edge insets structure.

class func nsDirectionalEdgeInsets(for: String) -> NSDirectionalEdgeInsets

Returns a directional edge insets structure based on the data in the specified string.

Getting the Empty Edge Insets

static let zero: NSDirectionalEdgeInsets

A directional edge insets struct whose top, leading, bottom, and trailing fields are all set to 0.

Instance Methods


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Related Types

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Defines a structure that specifies an amount to offset a position.

struct UIEdgeInsets

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