Instance Method


Invalidates display for the given character range.


func invalidateDisplay(forCharacterRange charRange: NSRange)



The character range for which display is invalidated.


Parts of the range that are not laid out are remembered and redisplayed later when the layout is available. Does not actually cause layout.

See Also

Invalidating Glyphs and Layout

func invalidateDisplay(forGlyphRange: NSRange)

Marks the glyphs in the given glyph range as needing display, as well as the appropriate regions of the NSTextView objects that display those glyphs (using the NSView method setNeedsDisplay(_:)).

func invalidateGlyphs(forCharacterRange: NSRange, changeInLength: Int, actualCharacterRange: NSRangePointer?)

Invalidates the cached glyphs for the characters in the given character range, adjusts the character indices of all the subsequent glyphs by the change in length, and invalidates the new character range.

func invalidateLayout(forCharacterRange: NSRange, actualCharacterRange: NSRangePointer?)

Invalidates the layout information for the glyphs mapped to the given range of characters.