Instance Method


Returns the index in the text storage for the first character associated with the given glyph.


func characterIndexForGlyph(at glyphIndex: Int) -> Int



The index of the glyph for which to return the associated character.

Return Value

The index of the first character associated with the glyph at the specified index.


If noncontiguous layout is not enabled, this method causes generation of all glyphs up to and including glyphIndex. This method accepts an index beyond the last glyph, returning an index extrapolated from the last actual glyph index.

In many cases it’s better to use the range-mapping methods, characterRange(forGlyphRange:actualGlyphRange:) and glyphRange(forCharacterRange:actualCharacterRange:), which provide more comprehensive information.

See Also

Accessing Glyphs

func cgGlyph(at: Int) -> CGGlyph

Returns the glyph at the specified index.

func cgGlyph(at: Int, isValidIndex: UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool>?) -> CGGlyph

Returns the glyph at the specified index and information about whether the glyph index is valid.

func glyphIndexForCharacter(at: Int) -> Int

Returns the index of the first glyph associated with the character at the specified index.

func isValidGlyphIndex(Int) -> Bool

Indicates whether the specified index refers to a valid glyph, otherwise false.

var numberOfGlyphs: Int

The number of glyphs in the receiver.

func propertyForGlyph(at: Int) -> NSLayoutManager.GlyphProperty

Returns the glyph property associated with the glyph at the specified index.

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