Instance Method


Sent from the NSTextStorage method processEditing to notify the layout manager of an edit action.


- (void)processEditingForTextStorage:(NSTextStorage *)textStorage edited:(NSTextStorageEditActions)editMask range:(NSRange)newCharRange changeInLength:(NSInteger)delta invalidatedRange:(NSRange)invalidatedCharRange;



The text storage object processing edits.


The types of edits done: NSTextStorageEditedAttributes, NSTextStorageEditedCharacters, or both.


The range in the final string that was explicitly edited.


The length delta for the editing changes.


The range of characters that changed as a result of attribute fixing. This invalidated range is either equal to newCharRange or larger.


Layout managers must not change the contents of the text storage during the execution of this message.

See Also

Invalidating Glyphs and Layout

- invalidateDisplayForCharacterRange:

Invalidates display for the given character range.

- invalidateDisplayForGlyphRange:

Marks the glyphs in the given glyph range as needing display, as well as the appropriate regions of the NSTextView objects that display those glyphs (using the NSView method setNeedsDisplayInRect:).

- invalidateGlyphsForCharacterRange:changeInLength:actualCharacterRange:

Invalidates the cached glyphs for the characters in the given character range, adjusts the character indices of all the subsequent glyphs by the change in length, and invalidates the new character range.

- invalidateLayoutForCharacterRange:actualCharacterRange:

Invalidates the layout information for the glyphs mapped to the given range of characters.