Instance Method


Fills a passed-in buffer with a sequence of glyphs.


- (NSUInteger)getGlyphsInRange:(NSRange)glyphRange glyphs:(CGGlyph *)glyphBuffer properties:(NSGlyphProperty *)props characterIndexes:(NSUInteger *)charIndexBuffer bidiLevels:(unsigned char *)bidiLevelBuffer;



The range of glyphs to fill in.


On output, the sequence of glyphs in the given glyph range.


If not NULL, on output, the glyph properties corresponding to the filled-in glyphs.


If not NULL, on output, the indexes of the original characters corresponding to the given glyph range. Note that a glyph at index 1 is not necessarily mapped to the character at index 1, since a glyph may be for a ligature or accent.


If not NULL, on output, the direction of each glyph for bidirectional text. The values range from 0 to 61 as defined by Unicode Standard Annex #9. An even value means the glyph goes left-to-right, and an odd value means the glyph goes right-to-left.

Return Value

The number of glyphs returned in glyphBuffer.


Each pointer passed in should either be NULL or else point to sufficient memory to hold glyphRange.length elements.

See Also

Accessing Glyphs

- CGGlyphAtIndex:

Returns the glyph at the specified index.

- CGGlyphAtIndex:isValidIndex:

Returns the glyph at the specified index and information about whether the glyph index is valid.

- setGlyphs:properties:characterIndexes:font:forGlyphRange:

Stores the initial glyphs and glyph properties for a character range.

- characterIndexForGlyphAtIndex:

Returns the index in the text storage for the first character associated with the given glyph.

- glyphIndexForCharacterAtIndex:

Returns the index of the first glyph associated with the character at the specified index.

- isValidGlyphIndex:

Indicates whether the specified index refers to a valid glyph.


The number of glyphs in the receiver.

- propertyForGlyphAtIndex:

Returns the glyph property associated with the glyph at the specified index.


Glyph properties.