Instance Method


Calculates subranges to be underlined for the specified glyphs and draws the underlining as appropriate.


iOS, Mac Catalyst, tvOS
- (void)underlineGlyphRange:(NSRange)glyphRange underlineType:(NSUnderlineStyle)underlineVal lineFragmentRect:(CGRect)lineRect lineFragmentGlyphRange:(NSRange)lineGlyphRange containerOrigin:(CGPoint)containerOrigin;
- (void)underlineGlyphRange:(NSRange)glyphRange underlineType:(NSUnderlineStyle)underlineVal lineFragmentRect:(NSRect)lineRect lineFragmentGlyphRange:(NSRange)lineGlyphRange containerOrigin:(NSPoint)containerOrigin;



A range of glyphs, which must belong to a single line fragment rectangle (as returned by lineFragmentRectForGlyphAtIndex:effectiveRange:).


The style of underlining to draw. This value is a mask derived from the value for NSUnderlineStyleAttributeName—for example, (NSUnderlinePatternDash | NSUnderlineStyleThick | NSUnderlineByWordMask). Subclasses can define custom underlining styles.


The line fragment rectangle containing the glyphs to draw underlining for.


The range of all glyphs within that line fragment rectangle.


The origin of the line fragment rectangle’s NSTextContainer in its NSTextView.


This method determines which glyphs actually need to be underlined based on underlineVal. With NSUnderlineStyleSingle, for example, leading and trailing whitespace isn’t underlined, but whitespace between visible glyphs is. A potential word-underline style would omit underlining on any whitespace. After determining which glyphs to draw underlining on, this method invokes drawUnderlineForGlyphRange:underlineType:baselineOffset:lineFragmentRect:lineFragmentGlyphRange:containerOrigin: for each contiguous range of glyphs that requires it.

See Also


- drawBackgroundForGlyphRange:atPoint:

Draws background marks for the specified glyphs, which must lie completely within a single text container.

- drawGlyphsForGlyphRange:atPoint:

Draws the specified glyphs, which must lie completely within a single text container.

- fillBackgroundRectArray:count:forCharacterRange:color:

Fills background rectangles with a color.

- showCGGlyphs:positions:count:font:textMatrix:attributes:inContext:

Renders the glyphs at the specified positions, using the specified attributes.

Glyph Attributes

Attributes that are used only inside the glyph generation machinery, but must also be shared between components.