Instance Method


Draws a strikethrough for the glyphs in a given range.


iOS, Mac Catalyst, tvOS
- (void)drawStrikethroughForGlyphRange:(NSRange)glyphRange strikethroughType:(NSUnderlineStyle)strikethroughVal baselineOffset:(CGFloat)baselineOffset lineFragmentRect:(CGRect)lineRect lineFragmentGlyphRange:(NSRange)lineGlyphRange containerOrigin:(CGPoint)containerOrigin;
- (void)drawStrikethroughForGlyphRange:(NSRange)glyphRange strikethroughType:(NSUnderlineStyle)strikethroughVal baselineOffset:(CGFloat)baselineOffset lineFragmentRect:(NSRect)lineRect lineFragmentGlyphRange:(NSRange)lineGlyphRange containerOrigin:(NSPoint)containerOrigin;



The range of glyphs for which to draw a strikethrough. The range must belong to a single line fragment rectangle (as returned by lineFragmentRectForGlyphAtIndex:effectiveRange:).


The style of strikethrough to draw. This value is a mask derived from the value for NSUnderlineStyleAttributeName—for example, (NSUnderlinePatternDash | NSUnderlineStyleThick). Subclasses can define custom strikethrough styles.


Indicates how far above the text baseline the underline should be drawn.


The line fragment rectangle containing the glyphs to draw strikethrough for.


The range of all glyphs within lineRect.


The origin of the line fragment rectangle’s NSTextContainer in its NSTextView.


This method is invoked automatically by strikethroughGlyphRange:strikethroughType:lineFragmentRect:lineFragmentGlyphRange:containerOrigin:; you should rarely need to invoke it directly. This method’s strikethroughVal parameter does not take account of any setting forNSUnderlineByWordMask because that's taken care of by underlineGlyphRange:underlineType:lineFragmentRect:lineFragmentGlyphRange:containerOrigin:.

See Also


- drawBackgroundForGlyphRange:atPoint:

Draws background marks for the given glyph range, which must lie completely within a single text container.

- drawGlyphsForGlyphRange:atPoint:

Draws the glyphs in the given glyph range, which must lie completely within a single text container.

- fillBackgroundRectArray:count:forCharacterRange:color:

Fills background rectangles with a color.

- showCGGlyphs:positions:count:font:matrix:attributes:inContext:

Renders the glyphs at the specified positions and attributes into the graphicsContext.

- strikethroughGlyphRange:strikethroughType:lineFragmentRect:lineFragmentGlyphRange:containerOrigin:

Calculates and draws strikethrough for the glyphs in the given range.

- underlineGlyphRange:underlineType:lineFragmentRect:lineFragmentGlyphRange:containerOrigin:

Calculates subranges to be underlined for the glyphs in a given range and draws the underlining as appropriate.

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