Instance Method


Invalidates the layout information for the glyphs mapped to the specified character range.


func invalidateLayout(forCharacterRange charRange: NSRange, actualCharacterRange actualCharRange: NSRangePointer?)



The range of characters to invalidate.


If not NULL, on output, the actual range invalidated after any necessary expansion.


This method has the same effect as invalidateLayout(forCharacterRange:isSoft:actualCharacterRange:) with flag set to false.

This method only invalidates information; it performs no glyph generation or layout. You should rarely need to invoke this method.

See Also

Invalidating Glyphs and Layout

func invalidateDisplay(forCharacterRange: NSRange)

Invalidates display for the specified character range.

func invalidateDisplay(forGlyphRange: NSRange)

Invalidates a range of glyphs, requiring new layout information, and updates the appropriate regions of any text views that display those glyphs.

func processEditing(for: NSTextStorage, edited: NSTextStorage.EditActions, range: NSRange, changeInLength: Int, invalidatedRange: NSRange)

Notifies the layout manager that the contents of its text storage object changed due to an edit action.