Glyph properties.


struct GlyphProperty


Glyph Properties

static var null: NSLayoutManager.GlyphProperty

The null glyph, which the layout manager ignores.

static var controlCharacter: NSLayoutManager.GlyphProperty

A glyph representing a control character.

static var elastic: NSLayoutManager.GlyphProperty

A glyph with a changeable width, such as a white space character.

static var nonBaseCharacter: NSLayoutManager.GlyphProperty

A glyph that combines several properties.


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Accessing Glyphs

func cgGlyph(at: Int) -> CGGlyph

Returns the glyph at the specified index.

func cgGlyph(at: Int, isValidIndex: UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool>?) -> CGGlyph

Returns the glyph at the specified index and information about whether the glyph index is valid.

func characterIndexForGlyph(at: Int) -> Int

Returns the index in the text storage for the first character associated with the given glyph.

func glyphIndexForCharacter(at: Int) -> Int

Returns the index of the first glyph associated with the character at the specified index.

func isValidGlyphIndex(Int) -> Bool

Indicates whether the specified index refers to a valid glyph.

var numberOfGlyphs: Int

The number of glyphs in the receiver.

func propertyForGlyph(at: Int) -> NSLayoutManager.GlyphProperty

Returns the glyph property associated with the glyph at the specified index.