Instance Method


Informs the delegate that the given layout manager has finished laying out text in the given text container.


optional func layoutManager(_ layoutManager: NSLayoutManager, didCompleteLayoutFor textContainer: NSTextContainer?, atEnd layoutFinishedFlag: Bool)



The layout manager doing the layout.


The text container in which layout is complete. If nil, if there aren’t enough containers to hold all the text; the delegate can use this information as a cue to add another text container.


If true, aLayoutManager is finished laying out its text—this also means that aTextContainer is the final text container used by the layout manager. Delegates can use this information to show an indicator or background or to enable or disable a button that forces immediate layout of text.


This message is sent whenever a text container has been filled. This method can be useful for paginating.

See Also

Handling Layout for Text Containers

func layoutManager(NSLayoutManager, textContainer: NSTextContainer, didChangeGeometryFrom: CGSize)

Sent right before the layout manager invalidates layout due to the text container changing geometry.

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