Instance Property


The paragraph’s threshold for hyphenation.


var hyphenationFactor: Float { get set }


Valid values lie between 0.0 and 1.0 inclusive. The default value is 0.0. Hyphenation is attempted when the ratio of the text width (as broken without hyphenation) to the width of the line fragment is less than the hyphenation factor. When the paragraph’s hyphenation factor is 0.0, the layout manager’s hyphenation factor is used instead. When both are 0.0, hyphenation is disabled. This property detects the user-selected language by examining the first item in preferredLanguages.

See Also

Controlling hyphenation and truncation

var tighteningFactorForTruncation: Float

The threshold for using tightening as an alternative to truncation.

var allowsDefaultTighteningForTruncation: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the system may tighten inter-character spacing before truncating text.