Instance Property


The space after the end of the paragraph.


var paragraphSpacing: CGFloat { get }


This property contains the space (measured in points) added at the end of the paragraph to separate it from the following paragraph. This value is always nonnegative. The space between paragraphs is determined by adding the previous paragraph’s paragraphSpacing and the current paragraph’s paragraphSpacingBefore.

See Also

Accessing Style Information

var alignment: NSTextAlignment

The text alignment of the receiver.

var firstLineHeadIndent: CGFloat

The indentation of the first line of the receiver.

var headIndent: CGFloat

The indentation of the receiver’s lines other than the first.

var tailIndent: CGFloat

The trailing indentation of the receiver.

var lineHeightMultiple: CGFloat

The line height multiple.

var maximumLineHeight: CGFloat

The receiver’s maximum line height.

var minimumLineHeight: CGFloat

The receiver’s minimum height.

var lineSpacing: CGFloat

The distance in points between the bottom of one line fragment and the top of the next.

var paragraphSpacingBefore: CGFloat

The distance between the paragraph’s top and the beginning of its text content.