An object that manages metrics used when drawing attributed strings.


Prior to drawing, you can create an instance of this class and use it to specify the minimum scale factor and tracking adjustments for a string. After drawing, you can retrieve the actual values that were used during drawing.

To use this class, allocate and initialize a new instance, set the minimum values, and pass your object to one of the corresponding NSAttributedString methods that take the context object as a parameter. Upon completion of drawing, you can use the actual drawing values to make adjustments or record where the string was actually drawn.


Accessing the Tracking Adjustments

var minimumTrackingAdjustment: CGFloat

The smallest amount of space (in points) to maintain between characters.

var actualTrackingAdjustment: CGFloat

The actual tracking value that was applied during drawing.


Accessing the Scale Factors

var minimumScaleFactor: CGFloat

The scale factor that determines the smallest font size to use during drawing.

var actualScaleFactor: CGFloat

The actual scale factor that was applied to the font during drawing.

Getting the Drawing Bounds

var totalBounds: CGRect

The bounding rectangle that was last used when drawing the string.


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struct NSStringDrawingOptions

Constants for the rendering options for a string when it is drawn.

enum UIBaselineAdjustment

Vertical adjustment options.