Instance Property


The scale factor that determines the smallest font size to use during drawing.


iOS, Mac Catalyst, tvOS, watchOS
@property(nonatomic) CGFloat minimumScaleFactor;
@property CGFloat minimumScaleFactor;


A value of 0.0 corresponds to a scale factor of 1.0. Any value greater than 0.0 is multiplied by the font point size to get the smallest font size that is permissible to use. For example, 0.5 indicates a font that is half the size of the actual font, 0.75 is three-quarters of the font size, and so on. Typically, you specify a value between 0.0 and 1.0 to indicate how much the font can be shrunk during drawing.

The default value of this property is 0.0.

See Also

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The actual scale factor that was applied to the font during drawing.