Instance Method


Invalidates attributes in the specified range.


- (void)invalidateAttributesInRange:(NSRange)range;



The range of characters whose attributes should be invalidated.


Called from processEditing to invalidate attributes when the text storage changes. If the receiver is not lazy, this method simply calls fixAttributesInRange:. If lazy attribute fixing is in effect, this method instead records the range needing fixing.

See Also

Handling Text Editing Messages

- edited:range:changeInLength:

Tracks changes made to the receiver, allowing the text storage to record the full extent of changes made.

- ensureAttributesAreFixedInRange:

Ensures that attributes are fixed in the given range.


A Boolean value indicating whether the text storage object fixes attributes lazily.

- processEditing

Cleans up changes made to the receiver and notifies its delegate and layout managers of changes.