Instance Method


Sent when a text storage object has finished processing edits.


optional func textStorage(_ textStorage: NSTextStorage, didProcessEditing editedMask: NSTextStorageEditActions, range editedRange: NSRange, changeInLength delta: Int)



The text storage object processing edits.


The types of edits done: editedAttributes, editedCharacters, or both.


The range in the original string (before the edit).


The length delta for the editing changes.


Sent inside processEditing() right before notifying layout managers. Delegates can change the attributes.

The delegate can verify the final state of the text storage object; it can’t change the text storage object’s characters without leaving it in an inconsistent state, but if necessary it can change attributes. Note that even in this case it’s possible to put a text storage object into an inconsistent state—for example, by changing the font of a range to one that doesn’t support the characters in that range (such as using a Latin font for Kanji text).

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