Display the system print panels and manage the printing process.


Print Panels

class UIPrintInteractionController

A printing user interface that manages the printing of documents, images, and other printable content in iOS.

class UIPrinterPickerController

A view controller that displays the standard interface for selecting a printer.


class UIPrintPageRenderer

An object that draws pages of content that are to be printed, with or without the assistance of print formatters.

Job Info

class UIPrinter

A printer on the network.

class UIPrintInfo

Information about a print job.

class UIPrintPaper

The size of paper used for a print job and the rectangle in which content can be printed.


class UIPrintFormatter

An abstract base class for print formatters, which are objects that lay out custom printable content that can cross page boundaries.

class UIViewPrintFormatter

An object that lays out the drawn content (which can span multiple pages) of a view for printing.

class UISimpleTextPrintFormatter

An object that lays out plain text for printing, possibly over multiple pages.

class UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter

An object that lays out HTML markup text for a multipage print job.

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