Resource Management

Manage the images, strings, storyboards, and nib files that you use to implement your app's interface.



Customizing the Behavior of Segue-Based Presentations

Pass data between view controllers during a segue, and programmatically control when segues occur.

Dismissing a View Controller with an Unwind Segue

Configure an unwind segue in your storyboard file that dynamically chooses the most appropriate view controller to display next.

class UIStoryboard

An encapsulation of the design-time view controller graph represented in an Interface Builder storyboard resource file.

class UIStoryboardSegue

An object that prepares for and performs the visual transition between two view controllers.

class UIStoryboardUnwindSegueSource

An encapsulation of information about an unwind segue.


class UIImageAsset

A container for a collection of images that represent multiple ways of describing a single piece of artwork.

class NSDataAsset

An object from a data set type stored in an asset catalog.

Nib Files

class UINib

An object that wraps, or contains, Interface Builder nib files.

See Also

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