Text Display and Fonts

Use UIKit views to display text, manage fonts, and check spelling.



class NSLayoutManager

An object that coordinates the layout and display of text characters.

protocol NSLayoutManagerDelegate

A set of optional methods implemented by delegates of layout manager objects.

protocol NSTextLayoutOrientationProvider

A set of methods that define the orientation of text for an object.

Text Views

class UILabel

A view that displays one or more lines of read-only text, often used in conjunction with controls to describe their intended purpose.

class UITextField

An object that displays an editable text area in your interface.

class UITextView

A scrollable, multiline text region.

Drag and Drop Customization

Extend the standard drag and drop support for text views to include custom types of content.


Scaling Fonts Automatically

Scale text in your interface automatically by using Dynamic Type.

Adding a Custom Font to Your App

Add a custom font to your app and use it in your app’s interface.

class UIFont

The interface for getting and setting font information.

class UIFontDescriptor

Describes a font with a dictionary of attributes.

struct UIFontDescriptor.SymbolicTraits

A symbolic description of the stylistic aspects of a font.

protocol UIContentSizeCategoryAdjusting

A collection of methods that give controls an easy way to adopt automatic adjustment to content category changes.

class UIFontMetrics

A utility object for obtaining custom fonts that scale to support Dynamic Type.

Spell Checking

class UITextChecker

An object you use to check a string (usually the text of a document) for misspelled words.

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