Text Storage

Manage text storage, and coordinate the layout of text.



class NSTextStorage

The fundamental storage mechanism of TextKit.

protocol NSTextStorageDelegate

A set of optional methods implemented by delegates of NSTextStorage objects to handle text-edit processing.

class NSTextContainer

A region where text is laid out.

class NSAttributedString

A string that has associated attributes (such as visual style, hyperlinks, or accessibility data) for portions of its text.


class UITextPosition

A position in a text container—that is, an index into the backing string in a text-display view.

class UITextRange

A range of characters in a text container, identified by a starting index and an ending index in string backing a text-entry object.

class UITextSelectionRect

An encapsulation of information about a selected range of text in a document.


class NSParagraphStyle

The paragraph or ruler attributes used by an attributed string.

class NSMutableParagraphStyle

An object that enables changing the values of the subattributes in a paragraph style attribute.

class NSTextTab

A tab in an NSParagraphStyle object, storing an alignment type and location.


class NSTextAttachment

The values for the attachment attributes of attributed strings and related objects.

protocol NSTextAttachmentContainer

A set of methods that defines the interface to text attachment objects from NSLayoutManager.

Text Manipulations


Converts a UIKit text alignment constant value to the matching constant value used by Core Text.


Converts a Core Text alignment constant value to the matching constant value used by UIKit.

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