Type Method


Warns users that application-specific gestures conflict with the system-defined Zoom accessibility gestures.


static func registerGestureConflictWithZoom()


Use this function if your application uses multi-finger gestures that conflict with the gestures used by system Zoom (that is, three-finger gestures). When this is the case, the user is presented with the choice of turning off Zoom or continuing.

See Also

Convenience Functions

static func focusedElement(using: UIAccessibility.AssistiveTechnologyIdentifier?) -> Any?

Returns the element that is currently focused by the specified assistive technology.

static var hearingDevicePairedEar: UIAccessibility.HearingDeviceEar

Returns the current pairing status of MFi hearing aids.

struct UIAccessibility.HearingDeviceEar

Constants that specify how a hearing device is being used.

static func requestGuidedAccessSession(enabled: Bool, completionHandler: (Bool) -> Void)

Transitions the app to or from Single App mode asynchronously.

static func zoomFocusChanged(zoomType: UIAccessibility.ZoomType, toFrame: CGRect, in: UIView)

Notifies the system that the app’s focus has changed to a new location.