Type Method


Notifies the system that the app’s focus has changed to a new location.


static func zoomFocusChanged(zoomType type: UIAccessibility.ZoomType, toFrame frame: CGRect, in view: UIView)



A UIKit Functions constant that identifies the type of Zoom.


The frame that is currently zoomed, in screen coordinates.


The view that contains the zoomed frame.

See Also

Convenience Functions

static func focusedElement(using: UIAccessibility.AssistiveTechnologyIdentifier?) -> Any?

Returns the element that is currently focused by the specified assistive technology.

static var hearingDevicePairedEar: UIAccessibility.HearingDeviceEar

Returns the current pairing status of MFi hearing aids.

struct UIAccessibility.HearingDeviceEar

Constants that specify how a hearing device is being used.

static func registerGestureConflictWithZoom()

Warns users that application-specific gestures conflict with the system-defined Zoom accessibility gestures.

static func requestGuidedAccessSession(enabled: Bool, completionHandler: (Bool) -> Void)

Transitions the app to or from Single App mode asynchronously.