Type Property


Posted by an app when an announcement needs to be conveyed to the assistive technology.


static var announcement: UIAccessibility.Notification


This notification includes a parameter, which is an NSString object that contains the announcement. An assistive technology outputs the announcement string contained in the parameter.

Use this notification to provide accessibility information about events that do not update the application user interface (UI), or that update the UI only briefly.

Post this notification using the post(notification:argument:) function.

See Also


static let voiceOverStatusDidChangeNotification: NSNotification.Name

Posted by UIKit when VoiceOver starts or stops.

static let announcementDidFinishNotification: NSNotification.Name

Posted by UIKit when the system has finished reading an announcement.

let UIAccessibilityVoiceOverStatusChanged: String

Posted by UIKit when VoiceOver starts or stops. This notification does not include a parameter.