Constants indicating the type of content represented by the rotor.


enum SystemRotorType : Int


Enumeration Cases

case none

No specific type.

case link

A link.

case visitedLink

A visited link.

case heading

Any heading-level text.

case headingLevel1

A first-level heading.

case headingLevel2

A second-level heading.

case headingLevel3

A third-level heading.

case headingLevel4

A fourth-level heading.

case headingLevel5

A fifth-level heading.

case headingLevel6

A sixth-level heading.

case boldText

Bold text.

case italicText

Any italicized text.

case underlineText

Underlined text.

case misspelledWord

A misspelled word.

case image

An image.

case textField

A text field.

case table

A table of information.

case list

A list of items.

case landmark

A landmark.

See Also

Getting the Rotor Type

var systemRotorType: UIAccessibilityCustomRotor.SystemRotorType

The type of content searched navigated by the rotor.