A context-sensitive function that helps Voice Over users find the next instance of a related element.


class UIAccessibilityCustomRotor : NSObject


You might use an instance of this class to find the next link in an article or the next misspelled word in a document.


Creating a Rotor Object

Navigating to the Next Item

var itemSearchBlock: UIAccessibilityCustomRotor.Search

The block used to retrieve the next or previous rotor.

enum UIAccessibilityCustomRotor.Direction

Constants indicating the search direction.

Getting the Rotor Type

var systemRotorType: UIAccessibilityCustomRotor.SystemRotorType

The type of content searched navigated by the rotor.

enum UIAccessibilityCustomRotor.SystemRotorType

Constants indicating the type of content represented by the rotor.

Identifying the Rotor

var name: String

The name of the rotor.

var attributedName: NSAttributedString

The name of the rotor as an attributed string.


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class UIAccessibilityCustomRotorItemResult

A target element referenced by a custom rotor.

class UIAccessibilityCustomRotorSearchPredicate

The search parameters that help determine the next matching custom rotor item result.