Instance Property


The frame of the accessibility element, in screen coordinates.


var accessibilityFrame: CGRect { get set }


When you create an accessibility element to represent an element in your application, you must set this property to the CGRect structure that specifies the object’s screen location and size. (Objects that inherit from UIView include this information by default.)

Assigning a new value to this property changes the value of the accessibilityFrameInContainerSpace property to null.

See Also

Accessing the Attributes of an Accessibility Element

var accessibilityLabel: String?

A string that succinctly identifies the accessibility element.

var accessibilityHint: String?

A string that briefly describes the result of performing an action on the accessibility element.

var accessibilityValue: String?

A string that represents the current value of the accessibility element.

var accessibilityFrameInContainerSpace: CGRect

The frame of the accessibility element, in the coordinate space of its container view.

var accessibilityTraits: UIAccessibilityTraits

The combination of traits that best characterize the accessibility element.