Instance Property


The index number of the cancel button.


var cancelButtonIndex: Int { get set }


Button indices start at 0. The default value of this property is normally -1, which indicates that no cancel button has been set. However, a cancel button may be created and set automatically by the init(title:delegate:cancelButtonTitle:destructiveButtonTitle:) method. If you use that method to create a cancel button, you should not change the value of this property.

When presenting an action sheet on an iPad, there are times when you should not include a cancel button. For more information on when you should include a cancel button, see the class overview or iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

See Also

Configuring Buttons

func addButton(withTitle: String?) -> Int

Adds a custom button to the action sheet.

var numberOfButtons: Int

The number of buttons on the action sheet.

func buttonTitle(at: Int) -> String?

Returns the title of the button at the specified index.

var destructiveButtonIndex: Int

The index number of the destructive button.

var firstOtherButtonIndex: Int

The index of the first custom button.