Instance Property


An image that identifies the service to the user.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) UIImage *activityImage;

Return Value

An image that can be presented to the user.


This method returns nil by default. Subclasses must override this method and return a valid image object. The image is used to generate a button for your service in the UI displayed by the UIActivityViewController object.

The alpha channel of the image is used as a mask to generate the final image that is presented to the user. Any color data in the image itself is ignored. Opaque pixels have a gradient applied to them and this gradient is then laid on top of a standard background. Thus, a completely opaque image would yield a gradient filled rectangle.

For iPhone and iPod touch, images on iOS 7 should be 60 by 60 points; on earlier versions of iOS, you should use images no larger than 43 by 43 points. For iPad, images on iOS 7 should be 76 by 76 points; on earlier versions of iOS you should use images no larger than 60 by 60 points. On a device with Retina display, the number of pixels is doubled in each direction.

See Also

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