Instance Method


Performs the service when no custom view controller is provided.


- (void)performActivity;


The default implementation of this method does nothing. If your service does not provide any custom UI using the activityViewController method, override this method and use it to perform the activity. Your activity must operate on the data items received in the prepareWithActivityItems: method.

This method is called on your app’s main thread. If your app can complete the activity quickly on the main thread, do so and call the activityDidFinish: method when it is done. If performing the activity might take some time, use this method to start the work in the background and then exit without calling activityDidFinish: from this method. When your background work has completed, call activityDidFinish:. You must call activityDidFinish: on the main thread.

See Also

Performing the Activity

- canPerformWithActivityItems:

Returns a Boolean indicating whether the service can act on the specified data items.

- prepareWithActivityItems:

Prepares your service to act on the specified data.


Returns the view controller to present to the user.

- activityDidFinish:

Notifies the system that your activity object has completed its work.