Instance Property


Returns the view controller to present to the user.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) UIViewController *activityViewController;

Return Value

The view controller to present to the user. The default implementation returns nil.


Subclasses that provide additional UI using a view controller can override this method to return that view controller. If this method returns a valid object, the system presents the returned view controller modally instead of calling the performActivity method.

Your custom view controller should provide a view with your custom UI and should handle any user interactions inside those views. Upon completing the activity, do not dismiss the view controller yourself. Instead, call the activityDidFinish: method and let the system dismiss it for you.

See Also

Performing the Activity

- canPerformWithActivityItems:

Returns a Boolean indicating whether the service can act on the specified data items.

- prepareWithActivityItems:

Prepares your service to act on the specified data.

- performActivity

Performs the service when no custom view controller is provided.

- activityDidFinish:

Notifies the system that your activity object has completed its work.

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