An action that can be taken when the user taps a button in an alert.


class UIAlertAction : NSObject


You use this class to configure information about a single action, including the title to display in the button, any styling information, and a handler to execute when the user taps the button. After creating an alert action object, add it to a UIAlertController object before displaying the corresponding alert to the user.


Creating an Alert Action

init(title: String?, style: UIAlertAction.Style, handler: ((UIAlertAction) -> Void)?)

Create and return an action with the specified title and behavior.

Getting the Action’s Attributes

var title: String?

The title of the action’s button.

var style: UIAlertAction.Style

The style that is applied to the action’s button.

var isEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the action is currently enabled.


enum UIAlertAction.Style

Styles to apply to action buttons in an alert.


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