A protocol that a class must adopt to allow appearance customization using the UIAppearance API.


protocol UIAppearanceContainer


To participate in the appearance proxy API, tag appearance property accessor methods in your header with UI_APPEARANCE_SELECTOR.

Appearance property accessor methods must be of the form:

func propertyForAxis1(axis1: IntegerType, axis2: IntegerType, axisN: IntegerType) -> PropertyType
func setProperty(property: PropertyType, forAxis1 axis1: IntegerType, axis2: IntegerType)

You may have no axes or as many as you like for any property.

The property type may be any standard iOS type: id, NSInteger, NSUInteger, CGFloat, CGPoint, CGSize, CGRect, UIEdgeInsets or UIOffset. Axis parameter values must be either NSInteger or NSUInteger. UIKit throws an exception if other types are used in the axes.

For example, UIBarButtonItem defines these methods:

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protocol UIAppearance

A collection of methods that gives you access to the appearance proxy for a class.